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Why print & distribute
a newsletter to each household vs. emailing?

  •  This will ensure all members of a household have an opportunity to read the newsletter (as opposed to just the one email recipient on file with the HOA).

  •  Emails can be easily be overlooked, whereas a newsletter may remain on a homeowner's counter for days until they have a chance to sit down and enjoy it.

  • Printing and distributing the newsletter will help merge the gap between the more tech-savvy residents, and those who do not like to spend time online. The newsletter and the website will reflect each other aesthetically, and one can be utilized to reference (or give attention to) the other.

  • This additional reach will significantly aid in helping to spread important messages from Tatum Highlands HOA.

  • The newsletter will quickly become a signature piece of Tatum Highlands, and homeowners will appreciate the extra effort taken to have it delivered to their mailboxes, promoting unity and a sense of pride for their community.

Printing Estimates
Desired Specifications: 1250 units, 8 page newsletter, 8-1/2 x 11”, two 11 x 17” sheets, full color, 100# gloss paper, stapled, folded to 8-1/2 x 5-1/2” for mailing, mailed to homeowner mailing list.

The total number of homes is: 1435

Copyfast Printing
Printing 1435 copies, 100# gloss paper.                 $2,460
Mail preparation (fold, staple, label).                             487
Postage @ .35.                                                                    501
TOTAL.                                                                              $3,448

Next Day Signs & Printing
Printing 1435 copies on 80# gloss paper              $1,830
Mail prep.                                                                          330
Postage @ .63.                                                                  904
TOTAL.                                                                             $3,064

Also to keep in mind is the paper supply available at print time. For
instance, CopyFast did not have 80# available at the time. Next Day did
not have 100# at the time.
Printing companies normally have overruns that we would receive at no
cost. Hopefully that will give us a few for pass outs.

Thank you for your consideration. You may download a copy of this proposal here.

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