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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association


Happy Autumn from the Architectural Committee! The holidays will soon be upon us. This is the time to start thinking of home projects that you wish to accomplish. We want to remind residents that all projects visible from the street must be submitted for architectural approval.

In need of a dumpster?

Are you tackling a big indoor project and need a dumpster? If so, architectural approval is required. With approval, dumpsters must be placed and wholly contained in your driveway. Dumpsters must not block the sidewalk nor be placed in the street. This is also a City of Phoenix ordinance* and you can be subject to fines. Dumpsters are permitted for six weeks. You must reapply if you need it for a longer period. Portable toilets of any kind are prohibited in the front of the home! Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines Section II. ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW PROCESS, Pod Storage/Dumpster section for guidance with your application.

* Phoenix Municipal Code: Sec. 23-9

It’s time to open our windows again

The weather is nice, and we will all be opening our windows. Please make a point of looking at your window screens. Frequently we don’t notice them, as we come and go each day. If your screens are faded, torn, or rippled it’s time to replace them. Window screens must be submitted for architectural approval. Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines Section BB for guidance with your window screen application.

New plant guidelines are ready to view

Arizona Yellow Bells

The committee is happy to announce that the new Plant Guidelines are complete. They are posted on the Trestle website portal and all homeowners received a copy in an e-blast. We have expanded the community’s choice of plants that have low water usage. As a reminder, Sissoo trees are now prohibited, and Mexican Fan Palms are still prohibited!

The committee would like to thank you for submitting all projects and keeping our community beautiful.

Pat Diaz-Chairperson

Rob Miraglia-Committee Member

Missy DeLay-Committee Member

Dan Luitjens-alt. Committee Member

Stuart Kleinberg-alt. Committee Member


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