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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association


Recently, our Association joined with other HOAs in recognizing and adapting to lower water usage, drought tolerant plants, and climate change conditions. Last year, your Architectural Committee adopted updated guidelines for landscaping, that is, trees, shrubs, grass, etc. All new plantings shall be designated as low water usage, low leaf litter, and low allergen.

Our revisions focus mostly on front yards and community-facing areas. Homeowners will still be able to be creative with their landscaping features in their backyard oases.

New lawn guidelines

A key feature in effect for front yards is that we now prohibit new grass lawns. Moreover, the Association will prohibit ALL front-yard grass lawns effective January 1, 2027. Homeowners will be required to remove all natural grass front lawns by that date. (Synthetic turf will be permitted.) This three-year window allows homeowners to resolve the complexities of such a project along with related expenses.

All the details of the revision are located at the Trestle Management portal > Documents > Forms > ARC > Updated Revised Plant Revision 9.18.2023. Please direct your questions to the property manager. Thank you for preserving the future of our community.


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