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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association

Bulk Trash Pickup Schedule

Placement Begins on

June 29, 2024

Collection Begins

July 8, 2024


By Karen Blue

Bulk trash is collected four times per year.

  • You are allowed to place your bulk items on the on the curb nine (9) days prior to the scheduled collection week. This is what “placement begins on” means.

  • Place your bulk trash on the curb by 6 am on the “collection begins” date.

  • Do not place piles on water meters, next to fixed objects, or next to parked cars.

  • Dates may change due to staffing shortages.

For more information or to view the bulk trash chart,

visit: Or call (602) 262-6251

Bulk Trash Do’s and Don’ts

DO - - - - - - Put yard clippings & bulk items out on time – no later than 6 am on the Monday of your collection week.

DO - - - - - - Separate the yard clippings from the bulk pile, placing at least 3 feet apart.

DO - - - - - - Organize piles. Place cacti and glass in a box with a lid; place yard clippings in plastic bags; stack tree limbs and palm fronds in one direction.

DON’T - - - - Exceed the pile size limit of no larger than 10’ long x 6’ wide x 4’ tall.

DON’T - - - - Place piles near meters & electrical boxes.

DON’T - - - - Throw hazardous waste into bins or brush piles.


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