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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association

How to Prepare for a Phoenix Summer

• Have your home’s A/C unit inspected.

• Purchase an insulated water bottle.

• Consider purchasing electrolytes to add to your bottled water.

• Always have drinking water in your car and a cell phone charger

• Ensure your doors and windows are properly sealed.

• Use shade screens in your car’s windshield.

• Wear layered clothing– in case the A/C at the movie theatre or restaurant is too cold.

• Purchase and use sunscreen, as well as hats and long-sleeved clothing.

• Create some indoor hobbies.

• Increase the frequency of servicing your pool; keep up with the chemicals.

• Consider changing your schedule for outdoor activities or walking the dog earlier in the day or later in the evenings. You might also want to purchase protection for your dog’s paws.

• Consider increasing the water usage for your outdoor plants.

• Carry a cooler in your car so that your groceries can make it home before melting.

• Prepare for an increase in cost for your utilities and water usage.

• Use house fans so your A/C doesn’t have to work so hard


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