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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association


By Kevin Hufnagel, Board Director and Landscape Chair

A tree that will be removed.

We evaluate trees through our common areas on an annual basis. The Landscape Committee continues to be proactive on removing trees that pose a safety risk of falling, trees that have wood borer infestation, and trees that were damaged by prior storms.

Tree trimming

The annual tree trimming for 2024 will start this December. The thoroughfares of Tatum, Jomax,

40th Street, Briles, and Ramuda will receive the annual trimming. Other areas of trees will be trimmed as well.

New tree plantings

Our next planting of new trees will take place in March 2024.

Irrigation improvement

Phase one of the irrigation project is already in the planning stages for 2024. The goal of upgrading the irrigation will be five phases within a three-year time period. The first phase will be the unfinished areas of the southside of Jomax Road as well as Tatum Boulevard including the medians. New PVC pipe will be installed which will replace old poly tubing. Phase two will replace the old irrigation lines on the northside of Jomax.


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