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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association

Landscape Update

New Irrigation

The long-awaited Irrigation Project is underway. Phase one of the project started during the last week of April by our community landscaper, Service Direct Landscaping (SDL). The first phase of the irrigation project was approved by the Board of Directors at the March 2024 meeting. Our goal of upgrading the irrigation system will be executed in five phases within a three-year period.

Phase one includes:

The southside of Jomax from 40th Street to Tatum Blvd., the Jomax median near 40th Street, as well as all the landscaped areas along Tatum Boulevard. New PVC pipe will be installed which will replace the old poly tubing. With new PVC pipes, new valves, and new irrigation boxes, the irrigation system will have a longer life span of trouble-free watering. In wider areas of our common landscaping, multiple lateral water lines will be installed to improve the flow of water.

New Trees

After this irrigation phase is complete, we will plant more trees within the new irrigation areas along Jomax. A second batch of replacement trees will fill the gaps where we lost trees along Ramuda Dr.

Email Updates

Throughout the course of these projects, the Board will send email updates to the community on the locations where SDL’s landscaping crews are working. Please drive at safe speeds and be cautious of vehicles parked on the right shoulder along Jomax and Tatum.


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