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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association


By Pam Albo

Commonly known as the Desert Rose, Adeniums are eye-catching succulents native to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and are of the Apocynaceae family.

They are well-loved for their vibrant, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in many colors.

Easy to Grow in Arizona

Adeniums have a thick swollen base called a caudex which stores water for periods of drought. Intense sunlight is needed to produce their dazzling blooms. They thrive and grow in heat, especially in southern Arizona, where they need temperatures over 80 degrees. However, in the very hot months it is best to shade them with 50% shade cloth or remove from direct sun.

Adeniums have a unique appearance, showy flowers, and are easy to maintain.

Containers Only

Because they are sensitive to the cold, they should be grown in containers so they may be moved indoors for the winter dormant period. While they may be kept indoors during cooler months, Adeniums will not thrive as year-round houseplants.

Soil and Water

Adeniums need fast draining soil and they prefer an inorganic media, such as coarse pumice, coarse coconut coir chips, sand, gravel, and/or perlite. Do not place the pot on a saucer which would hold water. The pot can be elevated to keep an air gap between the bottom and the surface it is standing on. “Plant feet” are available for this purpose as is placing the pot atop landscape rocks.


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