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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association


By Sam Schwartzberg, Board President and Social Chair

I want to wish all our residents in Tatum Highlands a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!! What I am hoping is to assist with maintaining our wonderful community in the coming year.

Seeking your participation

What I also hope in the coming year is to have more involvement from our community with volunteers to join committees and participate in monthly meetings. We appreciate feedback from you, the members of Tatum Highlands, so we can better address the needs of our community.

Why is this important?

You have the means to influence how the rules of the community are implemented. Each homeowner in Tatum Highlands agreed to uphold the CCRs, ARC Guidelines, and Bylaws* of the community. The Board is made up of volunteers offering their time to assist with maintaining the wonderful community we all share and enjoy. YOU can make a difference; YOU can have influence on the type of neighborhood you want to live in.

I realize we all have very busy lives and there are all sorts of reasons why you may not be able to participate due to jobs, raising young families, age, etc. However, many of us do have the ability to share some of our time. Your efforts can be instrumental in assuring we maintain a community we can all be proud of.

Accomplishments of the Board this past year:

1. Got back on schedule with maintenance of all the landscaping that keeps our neighborhoods beautiful. (There is plenty of work yet to be done, such as tree trimming, and replacement of cacti lost during the past hot summer.)

2. Repaired many issues, such as irrigation that went unattended from lack of attention over previous years.

3. Created social events to bring our community closer together in an effort to get to know our neighbors.

4. Obtained volunteers that make up our committee that reviews homeowner requests, such as house painting, changing yard designs, assuring all guidelines are being followed by the community, and other issues impacting all of us.

5. Requested an updated reserve study that will impact our community over the next five years.

6. Kept expenditures within budget and created one for the coming year that will keep our community up to the standards you expect with judicious expenditure of our assessment money.

7. Continue to publish The Highlander newsletter.

To finalize, I became a Board member because I had the luxury of recently retiring and decided to give back. What better way than offering my time for the community that I live in.

I ran for office to find out what the responsibility entails of a Board member, along with why and how decisions are made that impact our community. Trying to make proper decisions that impact Tatum Highlands while abiding by the guidelines has been challenging and eye opening to say the very least.

I look forward to the upcoming year for what we yet intend to accomplish. Let us work together to maintain a community we can all be proud of living in.

Best regards,


* To view the CCRs, ARC Guidelines, and Bylaws, go to the Trestle Management Portal at>documents>governing documents


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