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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association

Tatum Highlands Expense Statement

Board of Directors and association management companies are often asked what homeowner assessments (dues) pay for. Each community is quite unique given the assets and other financial obligations the association is responsible to provide and/or maintain.

We asked Trestle Management Group to provide a high-level summary that could be shared with the homeowners to help everyone better understand the breakdown of community expenses. We hope everyone finds this information helpful.

  • Landscape Maintenance (56%) - Contract, Irrigation Repairs, Controller Subscription, Improvements, Tree Trimming, Storm Damage, Backflow Certifications

  • Reserve Contributions (16%) - Annual savings for long-term asset maintenance and replacement

  • Administration (10%) - Tax Returns, Insurance, Legal Fees, Copies and Postage, Billing Statements, Website, Social Events

  • Management Fees (9%)

  • Utilities (7%) - Irrigation Water and Electricity

  • Other Repairs and Maintenance (4%) - Pest Control, Signage, Holiday Lighting, Parking Enforcement, Vandalism Repair


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