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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association


By Ed Sieckert,

MS, Certified Professional Agronomist

Keeping your shrubs and trees healthy requires yearly maintenance of the drip irrigation system. Summer temps above 105 F are very demanding and if the plant is water stressed it may die. Shrubs, trees, and cacti each have different water demands. For instance, cacti require little water depending on the species.

Tips for preparing for the summer:

  1. Turn on your irrigation system and make sure each valve is working.

  2. Check each emitter to see if it is producing water.

  3. Check your timer for the correct amount of water to be applied and the days you want to have it on.

  4. Get The Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA) free booklet on irrigation. Type in your browser “Landscape Watering by the Numbers.” Or call for the free booklet at (602) 261-8367.

From Page 12 of Booklet

Table C below will give you an idea of how much water is required to wet the root zones of different plant types and sizes.

From Page 9 of Booklet

Use the Run Time Worksheet below to help you calculate the number of emitters, gallons/hour, and total run time per shrub-tree type. This will save you time and money and return a beautiful yard to you.

From Page 10 of Booklet

Best wishes for a great growing season!

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