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A Newsletter of the Tatum Highlands Community Association


SDL planting a tree

By Kevin Hufnagel,

Board Director & Landscape Chair

The Landscape Committee started the 2023 plan before the year started. With the absence of capital improvement projects in the common area, it was important to accomplish a few projects ahead of the Board’s decision for an updated reserve study. With some new completed projects as assets for Tatum Highlands, the reserve study will produce new financial information for budgeting future projects.

Recently, you may have seen thirty-two new trees planted throughout the community.

SDL working on erosion project

This brings value to our community! In Fall 2023, we will plant another assortment of trees to fill places where we lost trees due to storms. You may have seen the construction in the western part of Tatum Highlands along Jomax Road between 40th Street and 41st Court, as well as at the wash near 43rd Place. A major drainage system was restored to improve storm water to be retained in basins and improve the flow in waterways. These restored flood control systems will function properly for decades to come and add value.

Before the summer gets here, we hope to add value to our community by planting Saguaros to replace the ones we lost. On your next morning or evening walk, take the time to enjoy the scenery of Tatum Highlands.


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